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Interdependence and Cyber Change

We know we can always count on cyber change in the world, and that we must depend on each other to mitigate change.

This is why cybersecurity exists. If all threats and all systems stayed the same, we could hang up our proverbial hats and go find new careers. But technology innovations and malicious attackers continue to bring new challenges, and because we are always learning and collaborating, we will be ready.

Twenty years ago, we focused on email breaches as a primary area of risk management. Ironically, those are still our largest areas of risk today. But the processes and complexities have changed. New threats are constantly emerging, and our adaptability is challenged every day.

The world is more and more intertwined, and that means our fates depend on each other. If I do business with you and store your data, and I experience a data breach, you are compromised too.

If you share information with a contractor and they unethically sell it to another party, your security is harmed along with your clients and vendors.

This is why cybersecurity is everyone’s job. This is why YOUR commitment to your company security also enhances OUR security, and all security nationally and globally. This is where the cyber ecosystem term comes from -- we are an interrelated and interdependent system. Cyber change impacts us all.

We want you to find the solutions you need, no matter where. Come chat with us, and we’ll give you real advice. Our passion is your company’s ongoing operation and sustainability. And if we are not the answer to your cybersecurity challenges, we’ll help you find the right solution somewhere else.

We need each other. We depend on each other.

We at StandardUser are up for this challenge of making the world safer. Are you with us? How can we help? Let us know today.

Katy Munden Penner is a Writer and Content Strategist for StandardUser Cyber Security, and a Social Entrepreneur connecting people with great causes.

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