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Your EDR could be missing cyber threats.

Go beyond the standard with our Automated SOC, and join us in the future of automated cybersecurity.

Automated SOC STDU EDR.png

The Automated SOC layers with your current EDR* and provides:

  • Asset Management

  • Patch Management

  • Application Controls

  • User Access Controls

  • Vulnerability Management

  • Netflow Data

  • EDR (endpoint detection and response)

  • all within a Web UI.

* Check with us for EDR solution compatibility.

The Automated SOC (aSOC) provides Increased Network Connection Visibility, User Behavior Analytics, Custom IOC’s, and Alert Consumption alongside the Client’s EDR. It acts as a central hub for every event logged and monitored across all networks within the Client's organization.

Since the EDR solution only provides cyber insight against evasion techniques within individual hosts and endpoints, the aSOC provides a full holistic view of ongoing threats throughout the network itself. This is the future of automated cybersecurity.

According to the IBM 2021 Cost of a Data Breach report, organizations with a fully-deployed security automation technology reduced costs. If a breach did occur, these organizations saw a 50% reduction in breach response costs.

The Automated SOC combines multiple types of security platforms into one centralized security solution, while also providing compliance-threshold customizations. Let us help you block malicious hacks and data breaches, so you can focus on your business.

Block hacks and thrive.

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With an Automated Security
Operations Center on your team.

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