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Foundations of

Computer Security 

This program provides deep technical knowledge, information, and experience from cyber security practitioners about baseline security, threat hunting, pentesting, incident response, and security best practices that will help aspiring cybersecurity professionals level up as they move towards their goals.

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On Demand

Studying at your own pace allows students to complete training in a way that doesn't disrupt their daily schedules.  

Practitioner led

Led by industry certified experts the Foundations of Computer Security training will equip students with skills they'll be glad they learned early on.

Accredited courses

Teaming up with our many partner universities introduces opportunities for degree seeking students to use their training from StandardUser Institute on their transcripts. 

INdustry Certs

StandardUser Institute has partnered with certification authorities to provide challenge attempts to industry standard certifications once students complete training.

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S1S1 Initiative 

The Send-One-Sponsor-One program provides education opportunities and opens alternative career paths to less privileged children, students, and unemployed households.

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Our offensive and defensive expertise covers over 30 years of active commercial and government work that brings with it lessons learned and proven security methodologies.


- Cyber Education

- Pentesting

- Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

- Security Architectural Consulting

- ICS Segmentation Design

- General Security Consulting

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