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Cybersecurity Strategy for Brilliant Leaders & Executives

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

Is anyone else tired of being called a Dummy when you get one of those books? You know, the kind that take technical terms and write them in plain English "for Dummies"? Just because you haven't mastered something, you're not a dummy. You're just ready to learn. We can help. Check out our strategy "cheat sheet" of some cybersecurity terms and FAQs for (non-dummy) Brilliant Leaders and Executives.

Why do I need to know cybersecurity terms? Can't I just leave that to the professionals?

Technically yes, but you could be spending money or taking on risk unnecessarily. Some reasons you will want to know more:

  • Your time is tight, but you realize you need to understand your company's cybersecurity needs.

  • Be able to communicate more effectively with your team about technical aspects of security.

  • Understand what your security team is saying, what risks you are taking, and why you’re being asked for more security budget.

  • Be positioned to educate your entire staff about their role in security – it takes everyone, not just the techy employees.

Don’t get stuck in a black hole of information. We break down all the important terms and answer your questions below, with the key things you need to know and ask.

For a downloadable version of this chart, click here.

If you're asking

You need this

In plain English

​What do I have and how do I find it?

Asset Management

A process for tracking & prioritizing

How much risk do I have?

Vulnerability Assessment

A review of weaknesses & a plan for what next

What happens if an unauthorized person gets access to my network?

Help with a Data Breach

Stop the information leaking and close gaps

How do I know how easy an attacker could get in to my network/data?

Penetration Test (PenTest)

A simulated attack to find weaknesses

People keep trying to sell me an IOC tool. What is that?

Indicator of Compromise Tool

Gives you a list of network breaches

​What is a threat hunt?

Threat Hunt

Proactive search for computer attackers

What if I have already had a data breach?

DFIR (Digital Forensics & Incident Response)

Professionals help fix the network gaps & damage

Is antivirus enough to protect my business computers/network?

Endpoint Detection & Response Software (EDR)

You need this if you’re a medium/large business

What if I’m looking for the highest level of protection available?

Automated Security Operations Center (SOC)

This includes EDR and goes even farther

Be ready for your next security meeting. And if you need more help, let us know.

We at StandardUser Cybersecurity are on a mission to share cybersecurity and cyber safety education with everyone, to make our world a better place. Are you with us? How can we help? Let us know today.

Whatever your cybersecurity challenge, we can help you keep your business running. We are a defensive and offensive cybersecurity company, using over 30 years of experience with active commercial and government work and proven security methodologies. We also educate teams and professionals who want to build on their skills.

We set the standard for cybersecurity excellence.

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