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Automated Security Operations Centers: Block Hacks and Thrive

Updated: May 24, 2022

As remote work continues and increases across the globe, the need for cybersecurity innovation is only growing, and we are constantly innovating and adapting to help you be prepared for what’s next. You can too -- your vendors, clients, employees, and suppliers count on a secure environment to do business. Introducing our Automated Security Operations Center.

Automated but customizable to your specific needs, our Automated SOC provides monitoring and performance data right at your fingertips.

And once data is collected, we are also available to hunt, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities when you need us.

Some key highlights are below. With this technology, we help you block hacks and thrive so that you can keep your business running.

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Endpoint Integrity

Endpoint security and integrity through active monitoring, encrypted tunneling, and professional AV.

Segmented Isolation

Our networks, designed to protect mission critical infrastructure and critical data, provide some of the highest protection available.

Flexible Integration

Although our environments are plug and play and automated, they are also highly customizable to provide highest availability and maximum content for your remote workforce.


Collecting data is half the battle. Our seasoned security professionals are equipped and ready to help hunt, identify, and mitigate vulnerabilities in our Automated Security Operations Center.

Business Continuity

Your goals are our goals when it comes to maintaining business continuity and data integrity. Keeping the data flowing is keeping the lights on.

Secure Data Solution

Encryption is the name and encrypted data solutions is the game.

How to Get Started

We are ready when you are.

Demo: Schedule a 30 minute demo with us to see the Automated SOC in action.

Deploy: We’ll set up the Automated SOC to monitor your environment.

Thrive: Rest easy because you have top industry security at your fingertips, plus our team of professionals to back you up.

StandardUser’s Automated SOC -- security at your fingertips. Schedule a FREE consultation now.

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