Our team consists of former NSA operators and analysts, that specialize in offensive & defensive security services, security architectural consulting, business continuity & disaster recovery, and network segmentation methodologies for ICS, SCADA, and other critical infrastructure environments.


Our Offensive Cybersecurity capabilities are driven by our years of experience operating in the US Intelligence Community.


Implementing and properly configuring defensive measures for networks is a vital part of enhancing the security posture of a business. We're here to help.


We teach industry standard cybersecurity certifications on University & Corporate campuses to students, practitioners, and transitioning professionals.

Offering the right solutions for the industry's most complex environments

Offensive & Defensive cyber solutions help businesses close security gaps.

Global Capabilities

While the majority of our work is performed within the continental United States, our team is capable of carrying out operations anywhere in the world.

Responsive Staff

During assessments, operators can often go silent while testing or while you wait for results. Our teams maintain active communication with clients, and nearly always respond to requests within a few hours.

Professionally Qualified

Our operators and engineers are professionally qualified through education, certifications, experience, and professionalism. We only operate within scope, and with the intent to help.

Advanced Virtual CISO for Remote Teams

Policy & compliance overview, closing visibility gaps, identifying & mitigating security vulnerabilities, and investigating breaches are the roles that make up the building blocks of  the AvCISO or ‘Advanced Virtual Chief Information Security Officer’.

Top 10 Cyber Security Fundamentals 

Implementing the top 10 cybersecurity fundamentals like developing an asset management program, identifying and protecting critical data, Identifying and closing network visibility gaps will ensure highest level of security readiness. 

Increasing Your Security Posture

Increasing your security posture in an enterprise environment begins with identifying and closing visibility gaps. These processes will help your team identify visibility gaps, understand adversary techniques, common network defense methodologies,  and and how to properly implement them.

Red Teaming @ 10000 Feet

There are many articles/books that are pro-Red Teaming, but I haven't seen many that give a very high level on how to organize/run a Red Team. I have some pretty in depth experience on being part of a Red Team, and will share my knowledge here, but let me start by saying that there is really no right answer here.


Hack your way through Westeros in our online interactive Capture the Flag!


Learn advanced techniques of common forensics toolsets in our challenging defensive Capture the Flag!


Don't know where to start? Walk through training platforms designed by professional hackers and active industry practitioner.


Connect with us on the StandardUser Institute Online Forum!

Ask, Listen, & Teach


Tel: 1 940-202-0976


Mon - Fri: 7am - 8pm Cental (US)


Our offensive and defensive expertise covers over 30 years of active commercial and government work that brings with it lessons learned and proven security methodologies.


- Cyber Education

- Pentesting

- Vulnerability & Risk Assessments

- Security Architectural Consulting

- ICS Segmentation Design

- General Security Consulting

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