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We Encompass the Entire Cyber Ecosystem

What if, like so many systems in nature, the entire cyber world is interconnected and interdependent? We submit that, just like the natural world, the cyber world is intrinsically connected and interrelated. Cyberspace exists to connect us. And at StandardUser, we encompass the entire cyber ecosystem.

ec·o·sys·tem (/ˈēkōˌsistəm/) noun: a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment. A complex network or interconnected system.

There are numerous ways to achieve more secure networks and a more secure world. It would be impossible to count the various systems of defending, assessing, testing, and educating people within organizations, governments, and homes to create more secure computer networks. All of these methods can achieve and maintain security at some level.

BUT when all of these methods work together, the results are an exponentially more powerful, thriving, secure network.

There are four main components to cyber security, all working together and interdependent in this cyber ecosystem.

Building the System

Setting up a quality network requires careful planning and proper layers of security. Proper configuration in an organized structure of protocols will determine how well a network can be protected with the next three components.

Defending the System

Defensive security includes putting barriers into place (antivirus, spam filters, firewalls, strong passwords, updated software), proper backup and recovery procedures, closing network visibility gaps, and increasing perimeter visibility.

Testing the System with Offensive Measures

Offensive security includes a variety of pentesting methodologies, asset management, and vulnerability assessments. It also means understanding the exploitation lifecycle, motivations of attackers, and assets that would be most valuable and/or susceptible to attack.

Growing the System (Cyber Education)

The best systems and protocols in the world will not be used to their potential if company employees, infosec professionals, and even CEOs are not trained to use them properly. When a company invests in cybersecurity, it also requires the investment of a large amount of time and effort from its people. Even with cybersecurity professionals on staff, it is up to everyone in an organization (itself an ecosystem) to ensure that security protocols continue.

When an organization doesn’t have a cybersecurity team, or the team needs some additional support and training, a cyber training firm can step in to manage security, coach an existing team, or even train brand new professionals to join the field.

Alone, each of these elements can provide great benefits -- whether building a network's security infrastructure, defensive security, offensive security, or education is needed. But TOGETHER, when each aspect connects and communicates with the others (offensive and defensive professionals share intel, in-house teams aren’t just “assisted” but actually collaborate with third-party pros), the impacts are multiplied exponentially.

We call this cyber maturity.

This is StandardUser

This is where we come in. In order for all of the cybersecurity ecosystem to work together, we connect all these aspects. We have the full range of skills on our team -- building, offense, defense, and education -- and therefore encompass the entire cyber ecosystem.

Don’t leave out critical aspects of your cybersecurity. Don’t shy away because you worry about the cost -- many offices are overpaying for security with big firms, and we can help mitigate that too.

Contact us with your questions, and we’ll set up a free consultation. No strings, we promise. We want you to get the security you need, to protect and defend and grow your own business ecosystem.

These ideas are based on the below articles by David Evenden.

Katy Munden Penner is a Writer and Content Strategist for StandardUser Cyber Security, and a Social Entrepreneur connecting people with great causes.

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