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Our Top 6 Cybersecurity Memes of 2020

Updated: Mar 23, 2022

Cybersecurity isn't always technical and serious, and we like to showcase our fun side too. As we reflect back on this year, we thought it would be fun to review some favorite graphics and memes we shared on our social media. In the middle of what has been a difficult year for all of us, it's good to take time to laugh. Here are our top 6 cybersecurity memes of 2020.

1. The dog days of security. This concerned pup gave us the perfect opportunity to ask, "Are network security issues keeping you up at night? We can help!"

2. A chance encounter with a a new photo series brought about this fun image, which had a great response from all of you! We are still laughing over the amount of expression that can fit into one lego person's face.

3. The Beatles take on cybersecurity AND Star Wars. What mashup could be better? We discovered more lego images (thanks to the great creators at Unsplash), and for Cybersecurity Awareness month in October, we took our fun graphics to new levels with a fresh lego meme every day.

4. In April, our Road to Cyber webinar series featured this showstopper image, evoking recollections of many of our own office and hacking experiences. Our fearless leader, David Evenden, remains at the head of the team.

5. The Star Wars fun didn't stop with the Beatles. These characters offer almost unlimited metaphors for security and teamwork.

6. And finally, we offer this -- find your yoda, to train and coach you through your cybersecurity growth, in your career or you business. We can be your partner in this.

Thanks for joining us online this year, for sharing and commenting, and for spreading the word about the importance of cybersecurity. Thanks also to our StandardUser team, who contributed ideas and design work along the way. We have enjoyed this little bit of reminiscing, and we're looking forward to more fun together in 2021.


The StandardUser Team

p.s. Let us know how we can help your business -- our team of experienced cyber pros is ready. Contact us here.

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