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Foundations of Computer Security: Level Up Your Cybersecurity Skills

We are committed to education as we test, solve, and teach for today's cybersecurity needs. This is a value we integrate into all of our processes. It’s true that businesses need our defensive and offensive cybersecurity services. Beyond that, we train teams to increase their capacity, and we teach individuals to increase security skills with the Foundations of Computer Security program.

Foundations of Computer Security provides deep technical knowledge, information, and experience from cyber security practitioners about baseline security, threat hunting, penetration testing, incident response, and security best practices that will help aspiring cybersecurity professionals level up as they move towards their goals. Here is why this matters, how our courses are structured, and how YOU fit in.

The case for cyber pros

The digital world is changing every day. As innovation increases, the need for cybersecurity also grows. Increased computer usage and life online leads to increased risk and the need for security. It doesn't really matter what service or product -- companies across all industries and sectors need cybersecurity professionals. Technology, healthcare, finance, government, and education are just a few of the specialties a cybersecurity professional could choose.

Worldwide, there are millions of cybersecurity job openings. Researchers have estimated that the United States alone is in need of almost 500,000 security professionals. In the past, IT professionals were in high demand as companies started operating digitally in-house. Now the digital operations are online and susceptible to more risk. According to Cybercrime magazine, “Every IT position is also a cybersecurity position now.”

Image contains text that says: Student Story, Foundations of Computer Security: "I loved the chance to pick the brains of actual cyber security team members." Michael, Student. Texas Women's University.

Who should apply?

We provide training for both seasoned professionals who need to pass a new certification and people just starting a career in cybersecurity. No matter what career stage you are currently in, there is always more to learn. For college students in North Texas, we even have an onsite Internship Program in our office.

There are countless ways a cybersecurity career can start and mature, from research and development to systems administration to threat and exploitation analysts. Check the NICCS Career Pathways Tool to see some available career options.

On-demand and in-person options

Online students study at their own pace and on their own schedules. Instructors interact with students online, and practical labs are completed online as well.

Onsite students in our Internship Program have the opportunity to choose from additional classes and experience more hands-on learning with our team. The Internship Program offers students even deeper study with access to current practitioners, plus experience with real-life security challenges.

Image contains text that says: Student Story, Foundations of Computer Security: "The memory forensics really caught my eye, I find it very interesting. Chad did a great job presenting it to the group.", "The instructors were all knowledgeable and friendly, and responsive to questions." Levi, Student. North Central Texas College.

Practitioner led

Both online and in-person courses are led by industry certified experts, equipping students with skills they'll be glad they learned early on. This includes hard skills as well as soft skills and workplace culture guidance. We want these future security leaders to build a strong foundation of strengths to work with all departments and personalities across any organization. Cybersecurity professionals often are asked to educate fellow employees and sometimes their own Executives, so they need a deep knowledge base to share with others.

Industry-standard certifications

We partner with certification authorities. This means that after students complete a course in Foundations of Computer Security, we can provide challenge attempts for industry-standard certification tests. Achieving certifications will open up additional employment opportunities and prove skills to future employers.

Image contains text that says: Student Intern Story, Foundations of Computer Security: "Almost the entire networking section was new to me, so I gained a large amount of knowledge in that area. Specifically, memory forensics was probably one of the more significant and interesting things to me that I learned in the networking section. Overall, I gained a significant amount of knowledge on industry terms, practices, tools used, etc." Logan, Student. University of North Texas.

Accredited courses

We have teamed up with many partner universities so that degree-seeking students have the opportunity to use their Foundations of Computer Security training on their transcripts.

The world needs you

Are you convinced yet? Using our Foundations of Computer Security program, we are on a mission to send quality, professional security team members out into the world. If you are an analytical problem solver who is always ready for a new challenge, this is a great career for you! Ready for a new career and knowledge? Come join us.

Image text reads: LEVEL UP YOUR CYBERSECURITY SKILLS. In-person courses with certifications they correspond with: Intro to Computers (A+), Intro to Python & Advanced Analytics for Python Developers, Intro to Development Best Practices (Cybersecurity & Team Management) (CSSLP), Intro to Networking (Net+), Intro to Computer Architecture, Intro to Digital Forensics (CySa+), Intro to Information Security (Sec+), Intro to Offensive Security, Intro to Penetration Testing (Pentest+), Incident Response. Remote courses with the certifications they correspond with: Intro to Computers (A+), Intro to Networking (Net+), Intro to Information Security (Sec+), Intro to Cyber Security (CySa+), Intro to Penetration Testing (Pentest+). Foundations of Computer Security.

Image contains text that says: Student Intern Story, Foundations of Computer Security: "I learned a lot of new things and skills from this internship. The key things I took away from the internship are the number of resources and tools there are to help aid you in cybersecurity, and also what a lot of acronyms and keywords mean." Scott, Student. University of North Texas.

We at StandardUser Cybersecurity are on a mission to share cybersecurity and cyber safety education with everyone, to make our world a better place. Are you with us? How can we help? Let us know today.

Whatever your cybersecurity challenge, we can help you keep your business running. We are a defensive and offensive cybersecurity company, using over 30 years of experience with active commercial and government work and proven security methodologies. We also educate teams and professionals who want to build on their skills.

We set the standard for cybersecurity excellence.

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