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Cyber Maturity Quiz: Is Your Organization Growing?

In our work as both a defensive and offensive cyber company, we hear these questions regularly: How do I get started with cybersecurity? How do I advance my company’s security maturity? How do I know I'm doing enough? Answer the questions below, and you'll have a better snapshot of how your organization is growing -- in cybersecurity hygiene, cyber maturity, and potential areas that need work.

Answer yes, no, or partially for each of our 10 cyber maturity questions.

What can you learn from this?

Each of these 10 questions is important. If the answer is not already yes, we recommend taking action steps to increase your cyber maturity so that you can answer a resounding yes for each one. Some partially answers mean you are at least headed in the right direction.

1. Do you have an Asset Management Program?

2. Have you identified and protected your Critical Data?

A list of types of data assets, including Personally Identifiable Information, Personal Health Information, Payment card information, Intellectual property, Accounting data, and Mergers & Acquisitions

3. Has a professional checked that you have configured your antivirus properly?

4. How about spam and virus prevention and filtering on your email system?

5. Is your security team regularly updating software and installing patches?

6. Do you have a backup and recovery process ready in the event of a data loss?

Don't be held hostage to ransomware or other malicious attacks. Be ready with a plan.

7. Have you identified the visibility gaps in your network?

8. Are your user control access policies updated, strict, and enforced?

9. Do you have a professional vulnerability management program?

10. Do you have an annual Penetration Testing program?

Now what?

If you have a yes answer for every question, you are well on your way to cyber maturity in your organization. If you answer no or partially on most or all of these, there is still time to get started.

For more on each of the 10 Cybersecurity Fundamentals we ask about above, read our article in PenTest Magazine.

Here the benchmarks we use to define the growing cyber maturity levels within organizations.

We at StandardUser Cybersecurity are on a mission to share cybersecurity and cyber safety education with everyone, to make our world a better place. Are you with us? How can we help? Let us know today. Whatever your cybersecurity challenge, we can help you keep your business running. We are a defensive and offensive cybersecurity company, using over 30 years of experience with active commercial and government work and proven security methodologies. We also educate teams and professionals who want to build on their skills. We set the standard for cybersecurity excellence.

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