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12 Days of Christmas Cyber Tips

We've spent all year telling you that cybersecurity doesn't have to be so hard. The world is always changing, and we're changing with it. And as a refresher, here's our holiday gift to you -- 12 Days of Christmas Cyber Tips, for both your business and personal life. In case you can't wait for each day on our social media, here are all 12.

Day 1: Take inventory of ALL your internet-connected machines and devices. Focus on the biggest risks first. Whatever is most valuable to you is likely most valuable to an attacker as well. If you have limited resources, protect your top priorities FIRST.

Day 2: Use your settings. Make sure your computer(s) and devices are configured correctly. It can feel tedious to sort through all your device settings, but you need to be sure that apps and eyes you don't want on your data are locked out.

Day 3: Have we said it enough? CHANGE THOSE PASSWORDS. So while you're off having holiday fun, your accounts are protected.

4. Watch for fraudulent emails and social media scams. Online deals that seem too good to be true usually are.

Day 5: Get private. Don't share personal info online unless you verify it's with a trusted company.

Day 6: Stay private. Do your personal and confidential banking, billpay, and shopping on a secure home network, not public WIFI.

Day 7: Educate your employees (and your family!) about staying safe and vigilant online. Human error causes most cybersecurity problems, so knowing what to open and who to share data with are important skills.